An example of a post for a photographer.

bank chambers


railway tree black and white

This is an example of a typical featured post. In any featured post, the content is driven by what the artist or photographer wants to say about themselves.  These images are merely images I am using for the purpose of this article and do not belong to any known professional photographer. They are merely here to illustrate the layout of a featured post.

Blossoms car in street

I became a photographer because photography has always been a passion of mine.  Although I graduated with a fine arts degree, I became interested in photography at university and subsequently became head of our university’s photographic society.

My images focus on scenery and the places where we live, rather than portrait photography.  Everything we build and do and everything we interact with in nature speaks to us. it is beautiful and that is why  I wish to capture it.

mirrors black and white
I currently exhibit at two galleries in North London, the_______ gallery and the_______.

My images are also on sale online at  My colours are bold when I do colour photos but I have a great love for black and white photography as well, especially for ‘classic’ type photographs.

housessmall line of treestower thingie

I was born in this year in this country. I then moved to North London and continued my career as a photographer in the U.K.  I currently live in Crouch End, in North London and  my studio is also based there.   I live with my wife, Julie and our two sons, Michael and Keanan.

My lifetime ambition is to have one of my photos displayed in the ________ gallery in London or the ____________ in  New York.

refigerator works  the door  tree trees by railway track

For example Photography
227 Cottage Lane
N7 5RT


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