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Three Short Comedy Plays – Crouch End Festival 2014

Comedy plays crouch end festival


As part of the Crouch End Festival 2014, The Crouch End Players are proud to present three nights of short comedy plays for adults. Whether you prefer the fun of that awkward moment when you meet that special someone for the first time, or if you like your humour a bit naughty (and French), or even the slightly less traditional battle of the sexes, you’ll enjoy yourself thoroughly.

All shows are free as they are part of the 2014 Crouch End Festival, a festival that has run in Crouch end for the past three years and is growing from strength to strength.

Shows are free but advanced booking is advised as spaces are limited and on the night, people will be admitted on a first come first served basis. To book, please email

Venue: Downstairs at The King’s Head
7th and 8th June 2014 at 3 p.m.
2 Crouch End Hill, London, N8 8AA

The Great Northern Railway Tavern
10th June 2014 8 p.m.
67 High Street Hornsey, N8 7QB

Have a look  at some of the other events in the Crouch End Festival put on by the Crouch End Players:

plays by crouch end players 2014crouch end players events june 2014

Pleasance London – Theatre in North London

theatre in islington

Pleasance London presents:

Edinburgh Preview Season 2013

Pleasance London is excited to announce its 2013 Edinburgh Preview Season. This year’s line up is our biggest ever with over 50 shows featuring some of the biggest names in comedy alongside fresh young talent. Ticket prices start from just £5.

Pleasance London is once again delivering the cutting edge in comedy with brand new shows from established comedians Russell Kane, Alex Horne, Nick Helm and David Baddiel.  Fringe favourites topping the bill include Terry Alderton (Michael McIntyre’s Comedy Roadshow), Carl Donnelly (Russell Howard’s Good News), sketch comedy group The Beta Males and Edinburgh Comedy Award winners Max and Ivan.

After taking a break from the festival Colin Hoult (Being Human, BBC3) Tom Wrigglesworth (2011 Sony Radio Award winner) and Brett Goldstein (2013 Dave / Leicester Comedy Festival – Best New Show) all make a welcome return this year alongside sell-out sketch duo The Pin and 2012 Edinburgh Comedy Award Best Newcomer Daniel Simonsen and Nominee David Trent.

Acts to watch out for, before they become household names include Pat Cahill (2012 Chortle Comedy Awards Best Newcomer), Pleasance Comedy Reserve star Suzy Bennett and Chortle Student Comedian of the Year Phil Wang.

There is also plenty of fun for all the family with BBC1 The Magicans star Pete Firman (“The UK’s leading comedy Magican” – Time Out) who will be opening a new box of magic tricks and fasten your seatbelts for riotous circus troupe Slighty Fat Features hilarious new show billed half Monty Python and half Cirque de Soliel.

Edinburgh Preview Season

Dates:              Saturday 1st June – Monday 29th July 2013
Ticket Prices:  From £5 per show
Venue:            Pleasance Theatre, Carpenters Mews, North Road, London, N7 9EF
Box Office:       020 7609 1800 or

Transport:       Tube: Caledonian Road (4 min walk)
Buses: 17, 19, 259, 274 (4 min walk) 393 (drops directly outside).
Overground: Caledonian Road & Barnsbury

For further information, images and interview requests please contact Cassie Miller on 020 7619 6868 or



1st June – Jay Foreman: No More Colours, 7.30pm
1st June – Jim Campbell: Stupid Animals, 9pm
2nd June – The Noise Next Door: Soundhouse, 8pm
3rd June – Colin Hoult, 8pm
4th June – Pat Cahill, 8pm
6th June – Sock Puppet, 8pm
6th June – Sad Faces Threw a Party, 9.15pm
10th June – Tom Wrigglesworth, 8pm
11th June – Terry Alderton: Season 4, 8pm
11th June – Tom Rosenthal, 9.15pm
14th June – Birthday Girls, 8pm
14th June – Suzy Bennett, 9.15pm
15th June – Brett Goldstein Contains Scenes of An Adult Nature, 8pm
16th June – The Noise Next Door, 8pm
17th June – Tom Wrigglesworth: Utterly at odds with the Universe, 8pm
18th June – Max and Ivan: The Reunion, 8pm
18th June – Tom Rosenthal, 9.15pm
19th June – Max and Ivan: The Reunion, 8pm
20th June – Birthday Girls, 8pm
21st & 22nd June – Nick Helm, 8pm
21st June – Daniel Simonsen, 9.15pm
22nd June – David Trent, 9.15pm
25th June – The Beta Males in… Superopolis, 8pm
25th June – Sock Puppet, 9.15pm
26th June – The Pin, 8pm
27th June – Luke Benson, 9.15pm
29th June – Pete Firman: Scoundrel, 8pm
30th June – John Robins, 8pm


1st July – Eleanor Thom: I am Bev, 8pm
1st July – Jay Foreman: No More Colours, 9.15pm
3rd July – Colin Hoult, 8pm
3rd July – Cariad & Paul: A Two Player Adventure, 9.15pm
4th July – The Beta Males, 8pm
4th July – Sock Puppet, 9.15pm
5th July – Peacock & Gamble and Tom Deacon, 7.30pm
6th July – Mark Smith and Iain Stirling, 7.30pm
7th July – David Baddiel and Iain Stirling, 7.30pm
8th July – Adam Drake and Alex Horne, 7.30pm
9th July – The comedy Zone and Alex Horne, 7.30pm
10th July – Tom Deacon and WitTank, 7.30pm
11th July – Mark Smith and Peacock & Gamble, 7.30pm
12th July – Matt Forde and Russell Kane, 7.30pm
13th July – Helen O’Brien and Gareth Richards, 7.30pm
14th July – Phil Wang and Jigsaw, 7.30pm
15th July – Jarlath Regan and Jimmy McGhie, 7.30pm
16th July – Grainne Maguire and Paul McCaffrey, 7.30pm
17th July – Jarlath Regan and David Baddiel, 7.30pm
17th & 18th July – Slightly Fat Features, 7.30pm
18th July – Ahir Shah and Carl Donnelly, 7.30pm
19th July – Grainne Maguire and Tom Craine, 7.30pm
20th July – Ahir Shah and The Comedy Zone, 7.30pm
21st July – Phil Wang and Richard Herring, 7.30pm
22nd July – Tom Craine and Jimmy McGhie, 7.30pm
23rd July – Helen O’Brien and Paul McCaffrey, 7.30pm
24th July – Carl Hutchinson and Russell Kane, 7.30pm
25th July – Richard Herring and Jigsaw, 7.30pm
26th July – WitTank and Gareth Richards, 7.30pm
27th July – Carl Donnelly and Matt Forde, 7.30pm

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