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Dewan Demmer is a North London Photographer based in Crouch End. He is both a wedding as well as a portfolio photographer who takes special care in the service he gives to his clients. ‘It’s all about the couple or person I am working with. I take time to sit with them and find out what they want from their photo shoot. That’s important.’ Dewan Demmer photography was established in 2010, and focuses on weddings, families and individual portfolios. photographer UKCrouch End Wedding photographer

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South African born Dewan adds his own special flavour to his photographs and really enjoys capturing the perfect moment or expression in a photo shoot. He enjoys working with both natural and off camera lighting, in order to gain the most from his photo shoots. The inspiration for his photos comes from the people that he photographs themselves. ‘Finding the spark inside a person and capturing it is what I enjoy most about my job,’ he says. ‘I am also very relaxed and people have told me I am fun to work with’

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Dewan lives with his wife, Claire their daughter, Kia Emmi and two (slightly overweight) black cats in Crouch end. Although he is based in London, he is happy to travel to anywhere in the UK.

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Contact details:


0771 636 1862
0208 340 9867


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I became a photographer because photography has always been a passion of mine.  Although I graduated with a fine arts degree, I became interested in photography at university and subsequently became head of our university’s photographic society.

My images focus on scenery and the places where we live, rather than portrait photography.  Everything we build and do and everything we interact with in nature speaks to us. it is beautiful and that is why  I wish to capture it.

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I currently exhibit at two galleries in North London, the_______ gallery and the_______.

My images are also on sale online at  My colours are bold when I do colour photos but I have a great love for black and white photography as well, especially for ‘classic’ type photographs.

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I was born in this year in this country. I then moved to North London and continued my career as a photographer in the U.K.  I currently live in Crouch End, in North London and  my studio is also based there.   I live with my wife, Julie and our two sons, Michael and Keanan.

My lifetime ambition is to have one of my photos displayed in the ________ gallery in London or the ____________ in  New York.

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